List of Popular Term Paper Topics

Writing of an essay or a research paper can be quite a daunting task especially if you’re given freedom of choosing any topic you like.  You might not be aware of the fact that very often professors evaluate both a research paper and your choice of an interesting topic.  Without any doubt choice of a research paper topic is the first and one of the most important stages in academic writing process.  Sometimes a wrongly chosen topic leads to complete term paper failure as it is rather difficult to write an interesting text on a boring topic.  Thus, students very often look for a list of popular term paper topics.

What topics are interesting and intriguing?  There is no universal answer to this question, however, are any list of most popular term paper topics would always include issues and problems that cause active discussion in the society.  Having chosen a controversial topic a student is required to persuade evaluators and professors.  In order to make a good choice one just has to look around.  Many interesting topics are discussed on TV, and the Internet and printed mass media etc.  A student should choose an issue in which he or she has deep knowledge, or the chosen topic should be appealing to a student.  We offer our list of popular term paper topics.

  1. Public surveillance technologies: safe city or intrusion?
  2. Did September 11 attacks justify the U.S. attack on Iraq?
  3. The controversy of an abortion issue
  4. Is gun possession dangerous for the U.S. Society?
  5. Motivation theories in life
  6. Stem cell research and cloning
  7. Technological progress and environmental pollution
  8. Bisexual relations in a modern society
  9. Global financial meltdown
  10. Social media, the Internet and contemporary communication issues

Sure, this is just a short list of randomly chosen topics that would make great titles for your research papers.

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